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AboutThe Client

We are the market leader in home construction in Srilanka and located at Gampaha. Home construction is a dream of almost every one; however it is not an easy task .That is why you need a professional and market leading house or home construction company like SMP Engineering if you are planning to build within Gampaha or out of Gampaha

We have served over 500 clients in their home construction projects as the design and build company and we are the only construction company that had achieved the said mark in Srilanka. Most of our projects were and are in gampaha District.

Our specialty is home construction in Sri lanka with the design and home plan development as per the client’s requirements and budgets as well. And each of our projects is a custom home construction and a home plan specially designed for our local clients.

The home construction in Sri lanka is a small market segment within the construction market segment .Majority of those clients are planning to build in Gampaha District. Even thought the market segment is small, there are many companies serving the said home construction market segment and we are proud to state that majority of those companies has a SMP Engineering background in their employment history

In other word, we are the mentor of those who are in home construction in Sri lanka in most of the cases. Some companies, not only in home construction but in many other markets as well, criticize other companies and believe it is a good marketing strategy.

But ,we believe in explaining “WHY WE ARE SPECIAL “is the key win the hearts of our clients rather than criticizing others.